Cant log in on 2 devices???


Cant log in on 2 devices???


I have been forever logged in to my account on my phone and recently i logged in on my laptop as well and everything was fine, both devices were working but in the last couple of days i havent been logged in to spotify on my phone, and when i try to log in a little alert comes up saying "Login failed: youve already created an account with this email address" which is confusing to me as, 1. I am simply tring to log in, not signup a new account, and 2. it was working perfectly fine about a week ago.


I am going on a road trip in about 2 hours and neeeeeeeed music!


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Re: Cant log in on 2 devices???


Hi @tdc2!


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In this case, can you try reinstalling the app with the steps here? Once you've done this, try to log in with your username instead of your email address.


Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need extra help.


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