Cant login in PS4 or Samsung Smart TV


Cant login in PS4 or Samsung Smart TV

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Few days ago i tried to log in Spotify on my new PS4. I got an error stating "This PSN accoutn is already linked to a Spotify account. Thats not possible because this is the only PSN account ive owned and The only PS ive used Spotify.


Then i went to and logged out from every device where my account was logged. 


This leads to my second problem. Now i cant login on my TV again. It tries to load, screen has the text Spotify with the logo, then a text appears under the logo stating "Virhe", which means Error in english.


What do i have to do to get these devices working.



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Hey @Viltsukka_, welcome to the Community!


For help with delinking the PSN account, reach out to AskPlaystation on Twitter. 


As for the issue you're having with your TV, can you give us a bit more info on the make and model you're using? We'd also like to know the OS that's on the TV.


We'll see what we can suggest.

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I dont think that the PSN problem can be solved on their behalf because the message states that my Spotify account is already linked to another psn account. I only have 1 PSN account. 


TV is Samsung UE55KU6075U. 


Ps. This forum is a nightmare for mobile users