Cant login in my account because of facebook


Cant login in my account because of facebook


I am blocked on facebook so i can log in on my account, that wasnt a big issue because all my account were already logged in..

But someone got in my account and logout from everywhere...hes been creating and deleting playlists 

i cant log in with my username because it says my password is wrong and when i try to recover ir says my email isnt linked but any spotify account.

So i dont know what to do, tried going to the suport got no answer in 3 days

tried gonig to twitter but they cant do nothing.

print 1- trying to recover password this happens

print 2- playlists tha hes creating

print 3- when i try to log in with facebook


ps you guys should have a real chat..or make the twitter guys actually do something.

for real whe arent in 2012 anymore

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Re: Cant login in my account because of facebook

Gig Goer



Sorry to hear that happened to you. I highly recommend to contact customer service via their contact form here. So they could look into it.

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Have a good one :)