Cant login to account


Cant login to account

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I made this account to ask this question but I need to cancel or change the password to my primary account because I'm paying premium but I cant login. I tried changing the password but it wants to send the email to an email address that I don't have access to. Is there another way to change the password or the cancel the premium subscription?


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Hey @5-_n1euhym89l, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We'd recommend going here and check all the option in the guide for you to cancel:


Let us know how it goes :)

Re: Cant login to account

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This did not help me at all. I have basically no access to this account but still paying for it on my primary account. Is there a support number or email so I can see my opinions?


Re: Cant login to account

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Maybe I can help you out in that issue  


Firstly, contact to costumer service at E-mail 


- Ask them to update the current E-mail registered into your account  


- Afterwards, go ahead and reset your password through this link


- Enter your new  email address and click SEND

Check your  email inbox and find an email from Spotify subject “Reset your password”.


-If you don’t see it, check other possible destination such as junk/**bleep** folders or any other filtered folders (e.g. If you use Gmail, it might be in the Social or Promotions tabs).


- Click the Reset password link in the email. A new web page will open.


- Type your new password in both fields and click SEND.


- Go back to the app and log in with the email address you used to reset your password and the new password.


Good luck ;)


Re: Cant login to account

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Community Manager

Hey @5-_n1euhym89l,


Sorry for the confusion. 


If you're unable to log in  to your Premium account, and you can't reset the password, we'd recommend reaching out to our support team


They should be able to help out here. Let us know how you get on!