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Cant see my Facebook Friends on Spotify


Cant see my Facebook Friends on Spotify

Hi .


I created my account on spotify using my facebook but when I try to view friends connected nothing appears.

None of your friends are on Spotify.
Any  help ?
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For those who also have this issue, try this:

1. Link your facebook to spotify.

2. Log out spotify.

3. Log in spotify by facebook instead of email.

4. Your Library > Left top profile picture > FIND FRIENDS.

5. Done.

As this post is 2015 and it's now 2018, have some changes been done since? I saw my son could see all his friends, yet I couldnt see mine 😞 I noticed my App settings on facebook, Spotify was set to 'Only Me' so I updated that to 'Public' but still nada. On following your instruction, I've found 'Social' and I can see Facebook with my FB profile pic and name. Nothing else there to click 😞 .. I've also logged out of Spotify and back in again, but still no effect. I'll recheck my FB settings, but if can offer any advice, that would be great. Oh! I'm also not showing on my son's friends list either and we've mutual friends, and I can see all them on his, but not mine!! Is this because I'm a subscriber and he isn't and maybe others aren't either? 

I hope this helps someone else out there.  This is how I got my friends list to finally show for Spotify in the Windows 10 desktop app.


Short and Sweet Answer:

Authenticate your Facebook with the Spotify app on your mobile device - not through the Windows 10 Spotify app.


What didn't work:

I installed the Spotify app on Windows 10 desktop and linked with Facebook.  Never got the "Find Friends" button in the right sidebar of the app to find any of my friends on Facebook.  It constantly told me "0 Facebook Friends on Spotify."  See screenshot. 


I don't want to get to heavy in detail here, but I tried connecting and disconnecting from the Facebook app multiple times in multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) and even had Spotify tech support close my account and open a new one.  Nothing worked.  And yes, I had Facebook friends using Spotify meanwhile that didn't see me in their friend's lists.


What did work:

I installed the Spotify app on my iPhone and connected to Facebook there.  This method finally had Spotify request permission to access my friends list in Facebook, thus adding the permission to all other Spotify apps through their link to Facebook.  Apparently the Windows 10 desktop app only requests your profile information from Facebook - not your friend's list.


So now when I log in with the Windows 10 Spotify app, my Facebook friends list shows because it has permission.




spotify - 0 facebook friends on spotify cropped.png

**bleep** Halfofbob! You're amazing!! Thank you thank you! That worked perfectly!! I signed out of Spotify on my phone, upon relogging in using my FB account to connect, I was then asked if I wanted Spotify to access my friends list .. yes! yes! yes! haha
And perfect! 

Thank you for taking the time to respond and help!

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