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Captcha On Spotify Web Player!

Captcha On Spotify Web Player!

Hello, so I myself enjoy the use of VPN networks. They keep me protected. Today, as I signed into spotify web player, I stumble on a captcha, many times it tells me to solve it. Frustration is over the roof with this**bleep**, paying premium customers have to solve catpchas to listen to music? What the **bleep** is**bleep**? Are you kidding me? It's so **bleep**ing annoyying, and it's just stupid as **bleep**. I think I've had enough with spotify, making the change from apple music to spotify was for sure a mistake! Time to go back 🙂


jesus, even a **bleep**ing captcha to make this post, and wow it's saying 

Verification failed over and over 

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Hey @nolan45678, welcome to the Community!


To ensure the best experience with Spotify, we suggest you disable your VPN since it can cause issues with the site.


Nonetheless, we'll pass your feedback on this to the right team.


Hope that helps.

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