Card expired and restarted my family account, but all accounts have been deleted

Card expired and restarted my family account, but all accounts have been deleted




My credit card expired and I restarted my family account, but the other linked accounts are deleted. How do I get these back so I don't have to recreate playlists, etc?

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Hey @whoismikelee, welcome to the Community!


You should still be able to access the user accounts. When a Family Plan ends the accounts stay as they are separate to the main account. 

You can read the Family F.A.Q here.


All accounts are there but they are the original free accounts, the links to the family plan are gone.   Do we have to send new links to each person and start it over again?   It was expired for less than 24 hours.



Yes 🙂


Still works this way 5 years later.

That is just terrible user experience!

Fix please! 


Hey @AceOfBase,

Thanks for posting in the Community!

We'd like to give you a bit more help info on situations with failed regular payments. The Family (or other Premium subscription) plan doesn't get discontinued right away with the first failed payment. The system retires few times in a period of several days and also gives you a few warnings (even emails) before the account and the member accounts are switched back to the free experience.


We'd also like you to know that the accounts do not get deleted, and the musical collection they have amassed remains untouched. Only the music downloaded for offline hearing will become unavailable offline, as this is a functionality of the Premium subscription. If your account has been reverted to free, you can return to a Premium Family subscription at any time from here using a valid payment method. If your members haven't switched to other Family/Duo type of accounts in the meantime, then you should be able to invite them again to your plan without any issue.


Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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Hi this statement with regards to multiple attempts to take payment, messages to user/emails does not appear to be correct. My Spotify is charged monthly on the 28th. My previous card expired, attempt at charge failed today, downgraded to free account, family members removed and automated email received.

Other online subscriptions tend to allow a short grace period, so very poor on spotifys part.




I feel you on this.  My roomie just had their account go free on them with no warning beyond one email saying there was a payment issue and it was fixed within 10mins and had an email advising of the payment to the account.  Now all the family need to be added(which is a painful process) and this all started almost 2hrs ago.

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