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Card was charged and I do not have a premium account

Card was charged and I do not have a premium account

I tried signing up for a student discount account and it was not letting me sign up so I did not think that my account changed to premium, but when I was checking my bank accounts I saw my card was charged by Spotify for $5.29 which is the amount of the student discount. I checked my account and it was still coming up as free even though my card was charged. I would love if someone could help or Is there a number I can call because this is the third way I am trying to reach out to Spotify to solve my issue
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Hi @jake_homan. It sounds like the system didn't think you qualified for student premium which means you are most likely seeing a pre-authorization charge. The short version is that these are holds on your account to ensure that it does, and will contain enough funds to cover the transaction when Spotify actually claims the funds. If the transaction was never completed then the hold should be dropped within a few business days and no funds actually taken from your account. If you're interested in a more complete explanation then the Wikipedia article linked above should suffice. If the charge ultimately does not get dropped and you still do not have access to premium, then please reach out to me and I'll help get it sorted.


Also, after that charge drops you cant try again with a manual verification from this page. 90% of the time the automatic verification process works without a hitch, but sometimes a more human touch is required. Again, let me know if you need any help, the charge doesn't clear, or the student discount keeps rejecting you. Cheers!

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