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I started a Spotify account in the UK. Now I've moved to Denmark.


I want to use the Web Player in Firefox on Linux. My country and the settings don't match, so I go to "Edit profile."


"To change your profile country you'll need to update your payment details."

I click on "update your payment details" and it takes me to the choices of packages -- Free, Unlimited, Premium. I click "Free." EDIT: I click "Free" because this is the package I'm already subscribed to on my account.


It tells me Linux is not supported and I have to download for other platforms.

I don't want to download a player! If I do click on "Try our Spotify for Linux preview" I'm taken to instructions for downloading a player from a linux repository -- no link back to the settings to change my country! Suddenly I'm on a wild goose chase with no end.


I shouldn't have to download a player / jump through so many unconnected hoops to change a single setting after moving country. Also, the Help files provide absolutely no assistance other than "To change property X, go to these settings and then change property X," which is rubbish.

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The problem is close to what's going on with the other person above. EDIT: but the problem is with the payment.


I've been a happy user of Spotify Unlimited for a long time now. I recently moved to Switzerland and the problems started. I assume Spotify can "see" that I'm using a Swiss ip-address. Now I've got an information that my Finnish credit card does not work though it is perfectly fine. In order to change to another Finnish card I should change the data but now I'm considered as a Swiss (which I am for the time being) and can not use the card anymore.  


Can I please pay with my Finnish credit card and keep using this wonderful service even though I live in Geneva? This will not be permanent and I will not have a Swiss credit card (debit cards, yes). In addition, my language is set as French yet I still get German adds which I don't have any idea what they're saying. This all would go away if the payment worked. 


Thank you for solving this! And for the record, I would have been pleased to have sent you an e-mail instead of this quite overflowing forum. I hope this works because I need my music and 10 hours/ month is ridiculously low... 

Merci à vous!


Hi aserk21 - You should still be able to pay with a card from Finland without any trouble.


First I'd recommend checking the new card meets all of these requirements though:


I also want to change countries but it comes up with this " Oops! Something went wrong, please try again or check out our help area


Why is this so difficult?

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Hi. Do you have a subscription or are you a free member? What country is shown and which country are you wanting to change to?


Hi SpotifySmith, welcome to the Community!


I can confirm your account is currently set for Denmark. Are you currently having any trouble logging in or streaming?