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Change country - not working

Change country - not working

So my dad just bought a Family subscription. I am on vacation and I created a profile but I can't add myself using the invite. I think the root cause is that when I created my profile, Spotify defaulted to the country I was in (Denmark). Now having returned, I still can't change country back to the US. 


I've searched the help pages which tells me that using "Edit Profile" I should be able to change the country (if I am in that country, which I am now), but the country field remains unlocked for me, I can't edit it.


Please help,



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Hey @BBSarah! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's odd.

If you have Premium, you can use Spotify anywhere in the world for as long as you like! But if you permanently move to another country, you need to update your country settings and change your payment method to one that's been issued in your new country. 

  1. Cancel your subscription.
  2. Wait until your account reverts back to the free, ad-supported service at the end of your current billing cycle.
  3. Log in to your account page
  5. Scroll down to Country and select your new country from the dropdown list.
    Note: Your new country only shows when you’re actually there.
  6. Click SAVE PROFILE.
  7. Resubscribe to Premium using a payment method issued in your new country. 

Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^



Thanks for your reply!


I'm not sure why, but on the account (created 4 days ago) overview it says I have Spotify Premium and that it will run out 8/25. Once it has run out, I will see if that unlocks the country field for me. For now it's locked.


The problem I am trying to solve is be able to accept the invite to the familiy subscription from my dad. However because the country I created the profile in doesn't match the country we live in, it doesn't work (or at least that is what I am suspecting).


It's really hugely annoying that you cannot get in contact with Spotify directly to fix these issues.


Hey @BBSarah!


Sorry for the late reply.

Were you able to change your country after the 8/25?

Let me know how it goes! ^^



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