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Change country settings

Change country settings

Plan: Free

Country: Canada 


Device: Apple iphone 6s, Macbook pro 2018

Operating System: iOS 10


My Question or Issue:


I've followed the steps provided on the spotify website on how to change my country. It says Australia but I am in Canada. And it wont let me change it... Even after i've cancelled my subscription and waited for the subscription to go back to "free" I logged back in to edit the country settings. There is not drop down menu listing all the countries for me to choose. 


How do i fix this?! 




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Hi @nilamjuma,


Thank you for bringing your query to the community! That seems strange since you followed the steps on the help page. Now I haven't experienced this issue before, but could it be something to do with cookies/history? Maybe you could try that however I'm sure another community member could weigh in with a suggestion. If the issue persists without much of a change, you could ask customer support to help you out:


Best wishes,



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