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Change in country/payment details

Change in country/payment details

I am trying to change my payment details including country. However when I try to insert new credit card details i am notified that it doesn’t match my country but when i try to change my country it is greyed out and redirects me to changing my payment details.

I’ve now tried to cancel my premium subscription in an attempt to be able to change country but its still greyed out.

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Hey @Biondo89, welcome to the community!


To update your country, you just have to follow these steps. If the page doesn't give you the option to update the country after you enter the new payment details, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies or using an incognito window.


As a last resource, I suggest waiting until the subscription you cancelled goes back to Free. You'll then be able to update the country first, and resubscribe using the correct payment details.


All the best.

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