Change linked email for Facebook account


Change linked email for Facebook account


I want to change the email address linked to my Spotify account, as it's currently something really embarrassing from when I was 15 that I haven't used in years. To save the change, though, I need to manually enter my password. Trouble is, I've always logged in to my Spotify account via Facebook. No password that I've tried so far has thus worked, and I've even generated a specific app password from the Facebook security settings. Is there anything I can do to update my linked email address to one that I still actually use? Or am I doomed to be lumbered with this remnant of my teenage years until the end of time (or until I cancel my subscription, which is becoming more and more likely)?

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Re: Change linked email for Facebook account


Hi @mk-_ss18p3pqn, thanks for posting in the Community!


Do you have access to the email linked to your Spotify account? If so, go to and click 'Log Out'. From there, Go on the Spotify homepage and click 'Log In'. When on that screen, click 'Forgot Password?' and follow the prompts to reset your password. You should then be able to use that new password to change the email associated to your account. 


Don't hesitate to reply if you need more help!