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Change location, not COUNTRY, but REGION within it.

Change location, not COUNTRY, but REGION within it.

Ok, so Spotify recommends me gigs.
which is great, because it actually suggests lots of bands I like.

The only problem is that it thinks I live in North Shields (Newcastle), when I live in London.
So I'm missing out on lots of good stuff because it thinks I'm in the wrong place.

I can only find where to change my country, not my region within it.

Googling also turns up loads of results for changing the app install location or results for changing country but I can't find anything for region.

Anyone got any ideas?


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Hey @Flappyfingers, welcome to the community!


Spotify tries its best to zoom in on your location for these, but you can definitely modify it.


Using the desktop app head to Browse > Concerts, and you should see a "Change" button next to the location. Click it and type North Shields to choose the region for all the upcoming venues of your favorite bands.


I hope this helps.



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