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Change of mailadress

Change of mailadress


In my account I have my old mailaddress.

When I try to change that mailadress to my new one, I have to write my password for old adress and I have forgotten that password.
My new mailadress is:


My old one is:


How do I change to new mailadress, when I have forgotten my password to pld mailaddress ?
Please drop me answer to *snip*


Kindly // Thomas



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Hey @Thomas89, welcome to the community!


When you update the information on your profile here, the system asks you to enter the password used for your Spotify account, not the password used to log into the old email.


If you don't remember the password used for your Spotify, but you still have access to the old email, you can reset the password before updating the email address.


Let me know how it goes.

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