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Change of premium

Change of premium

Hi! I have paid a student premium accout while I was still payin the normal price of premium, It has been passed one week since I made the pay and untill now, the account still saying to me that my paid hasnt passed. But in my bank account it says that the money it did was taken. Help. 

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Did you get change the account before or after the charge occured? If so that might be issue since teh charge will remain the same price and change the following pay period for your account. If not call in and speak to an associate about the issue. Usually they are quick and helpful with questions. 

After I did the change, and upload the documents that proves that I was studying my senior year in collage.

You have the number?

Hey @omaarlovegood!


Thanks for reaching out to the community.


Right now, Spotify doesn't offer telephone support, but we'll gladly help you here.


Sometimes when you enter your card details, a payment is put on hold waiting for authorization to complete.


You should receive an email confirmation after validating your student details with a "Complete Purchase" button. Clicking this button will take you to a page to enter your payment details again to finish the process and start the discount.


If you couldn't complete the process, this payment would show as pending on your statement and should go back to your bank account soon. You can find all the info about failed payments here.


I'd also suggest reaching out to your bank for more information about these pending transactions.


All the best.

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