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Change payment details (Canada)

Change payment details (Canada)

I recently moved to Canada from the US and wanted to change my payment details. The Spotify chat guy helped me change my country setting to Canada but when I started changing the payment detail to my Canadian credit card, it didn't get through. The message I got was about Spotify not being available in Canada. Duh?!?

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Hi Cyril,


Did you received any update on this ?

I'm in the same case, coming from France.



I did. You have the call their support team (I forget what number I used
but it's in one of the posts in the community page. The only way to resolve
this is to cancel my membership in the US and set up a "new" profile. The
support team will then associate all your songs and playlists with that new
profile. Also, they were kind enough to offer me a free month of premium to
make up for this hiccup. Hope yours goes well.

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