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  • Hi, I have just changed my account from

free to premium one. There are some troubles with the region I have. Firstly, I decided to use a Russian Credit card number, but didn’t know that there are some restrictions such as inaccessibility to the music videos. I had tried to change it to my Finnish credit one, but the region didn’t change. How it can be changed so I can have this feature?






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The choice of country depends on your IP address, not on your credit card.


Hey there @TyomArtiom,

Just jumping in here to add some extra info!

Keep in mind that the region you are residing must match the issue country of the payment method. Otherwise it's likely that there will be issues with the payments.

Since you are living in Finland I suggest you cancel the subscription and wait until your account reverts to Free. You can then update you country settings to Finland. Then activate Premium again and make sure to use a Finish payment method.


If you were able to update your payment to a Finnish card, you'll just need to wait for your first payment to go through so that the changes will sync up.

This should set things straight. Keep us posted how you get on.


Have an awesome day!

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I am I. Finland right now, but still features are limited. There are no music videos and even some songs aren’t available... Sp I am not sure if it depends on IP, but credit card 


Hi, I tried to cancel my premium, but Due to some

new offer I have premium for free for 3 months, so my premium will be cancelled in October. Does it mean that I have to wait until October to change my region?(  Or are there any other options for me to get access to the features I mentioned? 


Hey, try change the country location of your device.

If not work  I suggest you wait to finish the premium.



tried this but it didn’t work out either. Guess have to wait 3 months until I can change the country...

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