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Change the nationality

Change the nationality

I’m from Italy but at the moment I’m in Singapore and I can’t pay the tax for Spotify because when I did the account I was already in Singapore but now I can’t pay because my credit card is from Italy. What can I do to change the nationality? I searched on internet but I saw that I can’t change country if I’m not there. Thank you!

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io ho lo stesso problema. Ho pagato con carta francese e di conseguenza mi ha cambiato anche la regione. Peccato che non mi faccia sentire tutti i singoli che escono in Italia e quindi sto cercando una soluzione a questo problema che al momento non riesco a trovare..


Hi I just resolved the problem, my advice is to contact one of your friends or of your family wich are in the country of the nationality that you want select and if you give them the information about your account they can change the nationality, but only if they are in the country that you want select. I did this with one of my friends and it worked. 

Yes but the problem is that I can’t touch for change the country be cause it’a “grey”.. I’ve write at Spotify assistence but him tall me the same solution of Spotify web. I’ve explicated precisely the problem but I don’t know If I can change . I hope because for the moment I a Premium count but I can doing a little of a free count .. It’s crazy 

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