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Changed facebook email but spotify still shows old emailadress

Changed facebook email but spotify still shows old emailadress

So I have a so called Facebook Spotify account. I used Facebook once or twice to login onto spotify about a year ago. My spotify account is automatically linked to my facebook email, which is: "". I didn't think it could be a problem up untill now.

Now I want to change my spotify mailadress to "" in order to use the artist mail for a new Spotify artist account.


I was told that the emailadress can't be changed in Spotify itself, since it's a linked to a Facebook account. I followed the instructions, given by support, and changed the main emailadress of my Facebook account to "". It saved succesfully, I now have to log in to Facebook with the new personal mailadress too obviously.


Despite doing that Spotify still says "", so I still can't make a new Spotify artist account using "".


It's been 8 days since I changed the mailadress on Facebook. I hope you guys can help me find an answer or solution to this situation!



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Hey @tmtsf thanks for posting in the Spotify community! 


There's a good thread on this problem here if you want to have a flick through. I think the summary might be 


"If you created your Spotify account using your Facebook then no, your Spotify account is forever tied to that Facebook account. If you want a dedicated Spotify login, you need to make a new account (non-Facebook) using the "Create an account using my email address" link on the registration page."


It might be worth reaching out to Spotify care if the thread holds no real answers for you and you can reach them through this contact form, Facebook or Twitter.


I really hope that helps and you figure it out! 


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