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Changed my email-address and lost my playlists as well as my 'Unlimited'-upgrade

Changed my email-address and lost my playlists as well as my 'Unlimited'-upgrade

Helly everyone, I'm not quite sure whether I'll be able to fully explain my problem in English but I'll do my very best and I hope that anyone will be able to help me asap. 😞
Last summer, I've registered for Spotify with an email-address that's not connected to my Facebook-account. I've recently upgraded my account to 'Spotify Unlimited'.
Today, I decided to connect my Spotify-account to my Facebook-account and changed my email-address as well as my password (due to safety reasons) in the settings. As I restarted Spotify, all my playlists were gone and it suddenly says 'Spotify Free' again.
I started to worry and tried to log in with my old address - useless, of course, but I didn't quit my Unlimited-thing before I changed my email-address and I cannot quit it anymore because I do no longer have access to this 'former' account! So, how do I know whether there still will be money drawn from my account every month even though I cannot even use Spotify in the 'Unlimited' way anymore?
I'm in panic. Help me, please!

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂

You should still be able to sign into your account using the dedicated Spotify username which you selected when you first registered as well as your new password. Have a read at the instructions here.


If you still can't access your account, don't panic. You will need to get in touch with the customer services team directly using the online contact form and they will be able to track down your account for you using your billing details. 

If you get an automated email reply back directing you to the community or help pages, you need to reply directly to that email (even if its from no-reply) and one of the customer services agents will get back to you as soon as possible.


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