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Changing Country in Edit Profile

Changing Country in Edit Profile


I'm trying to change the Country I'm in under my profile page. But I can't click on the box to select a different country. I'm Australian but living in Iceland this year. I need to change my country so I can pay with an Icelandic credit card. 

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Hi @timdarbyshire and welcome to the community!

Have you already tried updating your payment details first? It should allow you to update country once the new pay type has been added. I copied the steps below from the country update support page.
Hope this helps! 🙂

  1. Log in to your account page.
  2. Select Subscription in the menu on the left. 
  3. Click UPDATE.
  4. Enter your payment details. Make sure this is one that was issued in your new country. You’ll then be prompted to change your account’s country settings. 
  5. Your settings will change to the new country from your next billing date.



I have similar issues: french living in China, I want to use my chinese paypal account but somehow the update of the payment doesn't work. My paypal account works fine elsewhere.


When I follow the update procedure by adding the same card again on paypal nothing happens. In the documentation it is said that there might be problem with paypal if the country doesn't match the account...but I can't change the country because spotify doesn't accept the paypal account...



Hi Bethany,

Thanks for your suggestion - but this is exactly the problem. I can't update my payment details with the new account because it says my account and country don't match and tells me to update my country. But when I go to do this, I am unable to click on any options to change the country. It's a catch 22... 

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