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Changing Password From Facebook to Spottily

Changing Password From Facebook to Spottily

Ill try asking this another way since the last way didn't work. I like spottily. I HATE FACE BOOK. I don't want to share things on facebook. I don't want to sign in through facebook! HOW DO I CHANGE THIS?

2 Replies

Couldnt agree more. And just to say that I had to log in with FB AND create a name for this forum.

I´ve downloaded Spotify and typed in my FB name and pass but didnt work, but it seems only good on this webpage to complain or on my mobile.


This sucks Spotify!

If you have a lot of playlists already, here's some bad news for you: You must create a new account to get a Spotify username. For ptst, this shouldn't be a problem as it sounds like you're a new user.


To make an account without Facebook, log out of the site, go to Sign up and find "Create an account using email address" at the bottom.

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