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Changing back from Family plan to regular Premium, how to?

Changing back from Family plan to regular Premium, how to?


We, my family and I, took advantage of a 3-month free subscribtion to a Family plan. Now I would like to revert to what was my normal subscribtion, a normal Premium one-user plan. But how to? Your website doesn't indicate how to do so, and the forums here indicates different ways of doing so.

Is it true that the "road back" is as follows;
- cancel Family plan

- revert to a plain Free subscrition

- re-subscribe to Premium (one-user) plan


What will happen to playlists and already downloaded music inbetween?

Best regards,

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Hello @lachprivate, Welcome to the Community! 


As you have described in your post, the correct way to go from Family to Premium is:

- Cancell Family Plan

- re-subscribe to Premium (one-user) plan


I have to check double if the premium subscription starts when the family plan ends.


To be sure the playlists stay offline,  you can activate offline  mode. 





Hi Vincent,

Just tried the solution that I've found and that you have also suggested ... but my account remains on Family subscription?!?!


What I did was;

- disconnected my phone (my primary Spotify device) from any network connection

- cancelled my subscription from my account page

- logged out of Spotify

- logged in again and chose to make a Premium subscription

- ... which works - sort of as it comes back as Family subscription.


So; what can I do now?


Best regards,


Hi Lars,


Can you please have a look at the Subscription and payment page of your account.

If I'm right, you are still subscribed for the Family plan, because the 3 moths subscription hasn't ended jet.

You will also see that your Primium subscription starts when the Family plan ends.





thanks Vincent, I'll keep an eye on my account once the Family plan expires.


Best regards,


I want to change back to premium. How do I do it?

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