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Changing country in account profile

Changing country in account profile

I moved to Ireland and I'm trying to update the country in my account profile but it is not an editable field. I followed the help to update my subscription method to an Irish payment method but it will not accept my Irish zip code.

The error message tells me it's not valid for my current country so I need to update my account profile or use a valid Canadian zip code.

If I enter a Canadian zip code with an Irish payment method an error says the payment method isn't valid.

Any idea how to fix this? I'm just going around in circles.

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Hello @MarkoB86, welcome to the Spotify Community!


First of all, go to this link ( and make sure that your IP is located in Ireland, if your IP is not located in Ireland you won't be able to change the country.


If you're using a VPN, my recommendation is not to use it if you want to update the country in your account.

Thanks @oviione  I checked and my IP is located in Ireland 

Hey MarkoB86!

If you have a payment method recorded in your former country, you won't have the possibility to change your country until you've removed the payment method.

Let me know how it goes!

Best Regards,

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