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Ok, I have a Brazilian premium family account since 2014 I believe. I moved to Italy about 11 months ago and I didn't change anything on my account. I was living in Italy and my wife and kids in Brazil for a while, then everyone went together in Italy.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago my payment method started to be refused and I thought would be my Brazilian credit card. Then I tried to change the card for other 2 Brazilian credit cards and wasn't working.

Now I received a message saying my premium account was paused and that I have to update my payment method. But is impossible to do it. The combinations available are not suitable for my case. First, I live in Italy and I won't come back to Brazil in the next 2 years so I cannot have a Brazilian premium account because the Spotify guidelines say that I only can use Spotify abroad for 14 days. Also, I don't have any non-Brazilian payment method. So, how can I change my country on Spotify account and still pay with a Brazilian payment method????? This is absurd!!! Ah, I also tried to pay with my PayPal account changing the country to Italy but was refused by Spotfy because the payment method behind PayPal is not Italian.

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Hey @andrelcsilva,


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your Spotify experience.


Personally, I haven't had such a case yet, but from what I've found online you should be able to use your Premium account in any country without problems. The 14 days limitation only applies to the Free plan.

However, if you're in Italy and you are using a Free account and want to upgrade to Premium, you'll need a payment method issued in that specific country (Italy in your case).

So either you've been on a Free plan for some short time, or Spotify Premium isn't available in other countries for an unlimited amount of time.


Perhaps you can change your country to Brazil again and select your Brazilian credit card? To do that, please follow the steps here.


Please let me know how it goes, I'll assist you as good as I can.


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