Changing country


Changing country


im from the uk, i changed my itunes and spotify to australia as i moved here, which originally worked fine, then i temporarily changed my itunes back to uk as i needed to update a UK app, i have since switched my itunes back to australia, my spotify now says i cannot log in as ive been out the country for more than 14 days, i have logged into spotify and the country is still set to australia, im still in australia and this will not let me use spotify? can somebody help? 

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Hi @Zupremebeing!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Could you let us know if you're using a VPN? If so, we suggest trying to access your account from an ip address located in Australia.


Also, trying to log in to your Spotify account from a different device would worth a shot.


If this doesn't help, our Accounts team can take a closer look at this. You can get in touch with them from any of our social media help sites: @SpotifyCares on Twitter and Spotify Cares on Facebook. Just send them a private message with your account's email address and username.


You can also use our Contact Form to get email support.

Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need us again.