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Changing free premium account ( into family account - charging double

Changing free premium account ( into family account - charging double

I have an internet provider that includes a Premium Spotify account ( I would like to change that into a Family account (ofcourse I am willing to pay for the difference).


According to Spotify I'd have to cancel my free Premium account and start paying for the Premium account (which is already paid for in my provider contract) + I'd have to pay the added Family account costs.


My provider tells me Spotify will not cooperate with them anymore, so I feel left in the cold by Spotify. Is there no solution without making customers pay double?




2 Replies

i have the same problem.


I also have premium in my provider coast, so cancelling and pay full family price is just play stupid.

Why wont spotify agree to us to upgrade to family after paying the difference?


I think its real client un friendly. It will be cheaper for me to maintain the "free" premium and buy another premium for myself, then by a new family package...


but hey, thats just me 

Likely because  Kpn buys thousands of subs at once and get a hefty discount from Spotify.And because of the discount Spotify doesn't want to offer another discount on top of it.





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