Changing from Family to Premium (Single)

Changing from Family to Premium (Single)


Good evening from Germany,


I am currently subscribed to the Family Premium plan (14,99€ in Germany) which I used to share with my now-ex-girlriend. As I obviously don't need multiple accesses anymore, I would like to change my plan to the regular single-access Premium plan (9,99€ in Germany) without losing any of my playlists. I have tried to change the plan at the Account site, but it's only possible to change to Free or Student Premium.


Can anybody help me?


Thank you!






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Hello @Marc1990 and welcome to Spotify Community! 🙂

If you are the plan owner, than you will need to cancel and return to Free before re-subscribing to regular Premium. If you use your same account details when you subscribe again, all your playlists and Library should still be there. 
There's a great Spotify Answer located here that addresses common questions around the Family plan. I hope it helps you and have an awesome day! 🙂


Hey @Marc1990,


Just to add to what @Bethany_Dawn said. If you're a subaccount in the Family plan, then you can only cancel and then upgrade again to a new subscription. 


If you however are the plan owner, you should get more options, one of which is to revert back to regular Premium:

  1. Log in to your subscription page
  3. Here you can either choose to switch to another type of paid subscription such as standard Premium or Premium for Students, or return to the free Spotify service.

If the above doesn't work, open your account page in an incognito window instead. Either way, you will keep your playlists, saved music, followers, and settings, as long as you use the same login. No worries there. 


Let us know how it goes 🙂

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