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Changing profile name

Changing profile name

Hi all,


I briefly connected my Facebook account to locate a couple of friends, and have since disconnected it by deleting the app in Facebook.

Now my Spotify profile name has changed to my real name, and I can't see how to edit it back.  Also, my Facebook profile picture has been sucked in, and I would like to delete it.

In summary, what I would like to happen is:

if you search for "spotify:user:oeufquake", you see user name "oeufquake" and no profile picture.




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Have you pressed "Disconnect From Facebook" in the Spotify client? or just deleted the app on Facebook? Here is a good post on how to disconnect Spotify and Facebook.



Hope this helped 🙂

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oeufquake - You still have your Facebook attached at the moment. If you follow the instructions josh77 suggests below, you should disconnect them.

If you're still having trouble, let us know. We'll disconnect it from here.

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Sam, I reconnected it so I could try disconnecting in the Windows client, but I had to go find a windows computer; I guess you checked my account while I was looking.  I usually use the web player.

Disconnecting in the windows client didn't seem to fix it, at least not straight away.

I also cleared the client in my phone, which seemed to do it.


The web player and Android clients both have the ability to connect to Facebook, so they should both have the ability to disconnect.

Is there anywhere I can file a feature request for this?



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