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Changing the email of a e-card?

Changing the email of a e-card?



Two days ago I bought an e-card, and printed it.

The fact is that when I gave it to my friend, as a present, he told me I had put the wrong email.

He has the link to activate it, but I suppose, before visiting that link, we should ask you to change the reciever address.

Is that true? Or will he be able to select a new e-mail address in which to activate the premium account?


Thank you very much in advance,



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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


If your friend has the link to activate the eCard, then everything should be good to go. 

When visiting the link, your friend will be asked to sign in using his Spotify account details to verify which account to redeem the eCard on, the email address specified when you buy the form does not have to be linked to a Spotify account as it is only for delivery.



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