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Changing the home country

Changing the home country



I'm a Canadian on a long sabbatical in Switzerland. I downloaded and registered for Spotify here (that is in Switzerland). The problem is I want my home country / location to be Canada, not Switzerland. I can't change it on the account profile page (it shows Switzerland as the only country in the pulldown). 


Any hints? I tried to tweet to support before Christmas with no response so far.



2 Replies

Hi @kkinski! You need to phyisically be in the country that you want to change your home country to. This support article should help you with that. I hope this helps!



Thanks for your answer but this really doesn't help me. Just because I'm currently in Switzerland I'll have to pay almost double monthly fees (after currency exchage) compared to what I'd pay in Canada. It's a rip-off. I wouldn't have this problem if Spotify actually used the same actual rate in every country... To talk about facts: family premium costs 20 CHF (25.60 CAD) compared to 15 CAD in Canada... 

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