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Changing what country's songs appear in Spotify

Changing what country's songs appear in Spotify

So I live in Japan, but I'm an American, and I had been paying for Premium with my USA credit card (which is attached to my parents, who are retired and on fixed income now, so I don't feel comfortable having them pay for my services...) so I switched my payment to my Japanese credit card, but now, everything within Spotify switched to a "Japan-centric" mode. I get the licensing issues, and that's not what I'm asking, since I can still listen to almost all the music I saved to my library when I was on my American account. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Japanese music, and don't want to see ANY OF IT when I log in, I just want to set my interface to show me the newest releases and such as though I was in America, and then obviously whatever isn't available for dumb corporate reasons can get filtered out. Is there really NO WAY? to do that? I have to hunt and peck in a list of like 1,000 Japanese new releases for a handful of American songs??? No one else in the world is in this boat????

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Hey @DoctorJ87,


Unfortunately, the recommendations are always based on the account's country setting. To receive US market recommendations, your account's country setting needs to be set to the US.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

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