Changing your country in your profile and geo locating IPs


Changing your country in your profile and geo locating IPs




I've looked and read through the forum posts on how this is done and have been shocked to find that they are one, all really old (2014/2015) and that Spotify have not fixed the problem.


I live in Spain and when I edit my profile, the only option it gives me for the Country, is "Spain". I have changed my postcode and saved. That has not changed my county options, the only one is Spain. If I try to enter my payment details to subscribe, it states my card does not match my country. It's based in another European country.


As Spotify is using IP geo location, it only gives you the country you are connecting from.


I had to VPN to the UK to change it to the UK, but then it changes the amount it will charge me from € to £, which I don't want. I want to pay in € with my euro account as I am in Spain.


Will Spotify allow it's uses greater flexibility in chosing their country so that it can match their payment method?


This is one of the posts, 33 pages long, (link is for the last page) stating that Spotify knew they had a problem with this but no further update.


Meesage in Spanish stating I need to change my country to match my payment method:


"Tu forma de pago y tu país no coinciden.
Para continuar, cambia el país de tu cuenta o utiliza otra forma de pago."



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I'm having a similar problem. So annoying, I can't believe that this has been going on for almost four years without a fix!!!