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Charged ME TWICE

Charged ME TWICE

Spotify charged me twice in one month. Can someone please email me back for customer service
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I went ahead and moved your post over to Accounts & Subscriptions, so that the post would get better focus.


That does not sound right, but if you could go here: look to the right of your Profile information there should be a section that says Spotify Premium with a check mark next to the words. When does your Premium expire, there will be a date in that section reading "Your paid Premium will end on xxxx-xx-xx", does the information show extra months added to your account for premium access?

This is from Olgamavro26 for 2 months Spotify has charged me 2x in a month .. Please look into this ..





If you check your account page, has additional months of premium been added to when your date of premium will expire?



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