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Charged Money With $0 in Bank Account AFTER canceled Account!

Charged Money With $0 in Bank Account AFTER canceled Account!

Dear Spotify,


Although I love your service, I feel it is not for me. Maybe at another time, but not now. I signed up for your free month of premium using my PayPal account, I forgot about this after my month trial and was not informed beforehand and was charged $10. That was my mistake, I then cancelled my account and set it to the free account.. and that was that. Today I get a notification from PayPal that I was charged ANOTHER $10, not that bad right? I was outraged because I had no money in my account at the time. Your $10 charge became a $35 dollar charge including over draft fees. This is AFTER I cancelled my account and once again was not informed by your wonderful service that I would still be charged for this next month. I was hoping I could get a fraction of the $45 I was charged. If not, thanks anyways.


Unsatisfied consumer.

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If you have any sort of payment question, it really is best if you contact our payments team. They'll be able to look into it in far more detail. Just head to 'About us' above, then 'Contact Form'. They'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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