Charged Several Times for Premium, Still don't have premium

Charged Several Times for Premium, Still don't have premium


There seems to be no way of contacting anybody in spotify's customer support, so I'll hope to actually get some help here, absolutely nothing in the support page has helped me whatsoever, and I'm absolutely livid that a company like Spotify has such poor customer support, especially since I'm having so many problems


So I attempted to sign up for a student discounted price ($4.99) but I kept not being able to verify it, I was attempting to use SheerID to verify, but that wouldn't verify me either. So nothing I attempted would work, and apparantly because I have tried so many times get this to work, Spotify was charging me every single time I attempted to verify my account so now I have been charged SIX times and I still don't have premium. I don't have any other accounts, this is my first time trying to set up a subscription with Spotify and I can't believe how horrible this is. Is there any way to contact somebody at customer support? Or at least a way to cancel the $30 coming out of my account? Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there @OBrienJacob24


Sorry to hear about your problems.


I suggest you to get in touch with the Spotify support via contact form.


If you get an email back directing to the support forums, reply back to that email even if it is from noreply

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