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Charged for Premium but still free...yay! -_-

Charged for Premium but still free...yay! -_-

I began paying for Premium in July and it worked fine until the August payment posted, Spotify decided to tell me that the payment wasn't successful so my premium is now paused. (This isn't true) it is now September and ANOTHER $13.80 has been taken out of my account and I'm still listening to Ads. This company sucks, they have no good system for customers to communicate to them and they're still getting paid BY ME!!!
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You need to contact Spotify support:
Select these options: Subscription -> I paid for Premium but my account is still on Free -> I still need help
If they will reply with a no-reply email, reply to it, even though it is a no-reply.
Tell me if it worked, please 😉 Have a great day!

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