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When I tried signing up as a student (I am enrolled for spring) there was an error when trying to find my school. So I decided to just get the regular premium and it all worked out fine. When I checked my bank account, it turns out I had been charged twice. I'm not sure if the $5.39 I'm being charged for is the Student but the pricing seems about right. If I could get refunded for the Studebt charge in anyway, that would be great. Thank you!
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Hey @Lelythepav, welcome in the community!
This sounds like an issue for the payment center. Please use the contact form, by following the right steps and then pressing the Spotify green button "I still need help". Send the form after you fill it and if you receive any automated email directing you back in the help pages, please reply to it even if it's a no-reply. It works! A Spotify staff member will check your issue as soon as possible.
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