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Charged for full premium amount instead of student discount amount

Charged for full premium amount instead of student discount amount

I'm checking my bank account and see I was charged $9.99 for having Spotify Premium, but I've been on the Student discount so I understand why I wasn't instead charegd $4.99. I wasn't notified that student discounts only lasted for a year and that soon, I would be charged the full amount. I would like the charge removed off my debit card but I'm not sure how to contact Spotify to do that, considering there isn't even a number to call.


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Same problem here. And now I went back and reapplied the student discount so I've been charged $15 for this month. Spotify figure it out this is something I'd expect from Tidal.

I just noticed this problem today and I'm so annoyed. The lack of contact or a support team is so unprofessional. I can't even figure out how to reapply the student discount.

I am having the same problem. Don't they understand that being a student lasts longer than a year? Did anyone get a solution to this problem?

Someone in corporate messaged me back and said something about reapplying every school term. There were no offers for reimbursement, just an "apology for miscommunication".

I work at Starbucks now, so Spotify premium is free!

I only had my account for a month and e next month got charged for 9.99 instead of the 5 dollar fee. No contact us button. 

I like how there's no response here... And this problem is still happening. 

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