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Charged for premium account yet no access!

Charged for premium account yet no access!

I had access for months no problems. I have two accounts being charged on the 3rd and 16th of each month. My one email account still links up and premium is no problem. My second account when I log on says I need to subscribe to premium when I am already being charged for premium.
I have no other emails. This is bogus and there is no customer service. Bull **bleep** Spotify. Way to **bleep** over people.
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Hey there @Angryuser89!


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community for help.


That's not cool, we're sorry to hear.

In this case, we'd recommend reaching out to our Support folks.

Don't worry, you can reach them one of the below ways:

1. Email -

2. Twitter -

3. Facebook -

Let us know if this helps.


Thanks, and take care.



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