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Charged for premium, but I don't have it!

Charged for premium, but I don't have it!

I signed up for and was charged for premium, but my account says I never paid (my bank account does though). My accound still says I am using spotify free. I literally cannot find a single e-mail, help topic, or anything to tell me how to fix this. Hoping someone knows what I should do?

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I suggest you submit an online contact form; and someone at Spotify should be able to sort that for you.

If you get an automated reply; make sure to reply to it directly (even if it's from a no reply); and it will be sent to the Spotify staff.


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I moved this over to the accounts section for you 🙂


When you paid for the premium, did you login using Facebook or using Spotify details? Make sure you use the same method when logging into the client 🙂



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