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Charged for premium on free trial


Charged for premium on free trial

I've been charged 9.99 when I cancelled well before the 30 days were up. After trying to find a number to call, I find that I can only contact through the contact forms. After doing more research, I've seen how poor Spotify is in getting back to people with these problems. So not only can I not call to get immediate results, I have to wait for Spotify at their convenience to give me my money back. Which could be a couple months and another  9.99 charge.


Yes, I filled out your form to get help, but I don't get how an organization can get away with not posting some kind of customer service number. Especially when they're wrongfully taking peoples money. I've read a lot of cases having this same problem just in the past couple weeks.


I was a happy Spotify user until this happened, and this really puts a bitter taste in my mouth.

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Not at all , my bank even tried to get my money back at no success, i had
to cancel my debit card an get a new one issued. I dont no still how they
got my card info are came by charging it. Good luck. May have to say good
bye to your money.

I too am having this happen.   I cancelled in June.....they have billed me June through December now, and yet, my account says free.   I am having my bank go after them for fraud.   This is a VERY dishonest practice.

I hate SPOTIFY and their lack of customer service - I NEVER ordered the premium subscription and have demanded cancellation... I am reporting them to our credit card fraud department

I never ordered spotify, I had a free trial and I cancelled it on the correct dategvento me.  I have been continually billed and I want a refund.  I never used it-not once. How can I het a refund?

There isn't a number to call so you have to send an email. Go to their site and look for customer service. In my case they responded. It took some time with emails going back and forth with different agents but it was finally resolved. It turns out that I had another account through Facebook (I've since deleted my Fb Acct) which I never signed up for. I will never use Spotify because of this experience.
Good luck.

The same thing has happened to me, Since Oct.  And, I now have the Family Premium, that my husband is paying for, therefore I should not be charged.  I cannot find anywhere on your site to cancel the 9.99 that i have been charged.  Spotify owes me $39.96 refund, as I have never been able to find a place on here to cancel.

Please assist in: 1. canceling the "free trial" wo canceling my account; and 2. refunding the money.

thank you,


Same thing happened to me, I cancelled back in October 2016. I have now been charged $30 so far. I'm calling my bank and filing a case against Spotify if they don't resolve this and pay me my money owed. If we cancel that means we don't continue to charge people. It's wrong! Is the the kind of business you want? Your running future customers away.
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I got a refund by going directly to the money source. In my case its
paypal, so i went to paypal and severed the connection between my account
and spotify so if they want to charge me again i would need to approve it,
and I reported the charge as something i didnt authorize. within a few
hours spotify had given me a refund. If you are being billed through credit
card call your credit card provider and do the same thing; basically tell
them to not approve any payments to spotify and to dispute the past charges
or straight up cancel them.
Hit them in the money.

Thank you! I will try this-I used Paypal.

Spotify needs to fix this is complete bullcrap and theft if you ask me? I'm supposed to be under the "1-month free trial"...I got premium yesterday, 2/11/17, along with the trial and i got charged $5.34 .

I will be going to my bank this morning to get this taken care of. Makes you have NO FAITH IN WHAT YOU ARE SUBSCRIBING TOO! I will make sure I let all my friends know that are having the same problem, but I how to hopefully get it taken faster of. I'll have to let them know if it works for me! Tamara R. Houston

I am having the same issue as the person stated above me. I cannot find the cancel process and also want to speak to someone directly about being reimbursed. 

I've been trying to get a response for months(2016-2017) and no one at Spotify helps or replies to my numerous emails.  I changed to your "family premium" last year after trial but still getting billed for my individual account, my wife [who was to be on Family Plan] and my daughter who had an individual account as well.  Supposed to have Me and (4) family members.  I Need Help ASAP !!!   Left my phone # for a call back as well, but no calls allowed in or out.  What's that about???  I like the service... Want the service... But you're making it very difficult.  This is my last attempt before switching to iTunes...   or a subscription with Customer Service 


Hope you get better results than I did!

It's crazy how many times one has to click "Yes, Cancel My Subscription" before the thing is actually cancelled. You shouldn't resort to those tricks.

I am also being charged $9.99 a month through a Chase credit card. On the Chase Account billing, it shows a purchase every month.. It also provides a phone number, 877-778-1161, but when I call the number, I can't cancel my account or talk to a person. A recording directs me to go online to cancel my account on the Spotify website. When I go online, there is no option to cancel my account. When I go to "Subscription" or "Managing Payments," It says that I am getting Spotify free, but I am still charged $9.99 a month on my Chase credit card. I have paid for several months in a row, without an option I can get to cancel it. I have paid for several months in a row, without an option I can get to cancel it. During the entire account period, I haven't even used Spotify once. This situation is upsetting. I agree with several of the earlier Spotify Members who are experiencing the same problem.


Please provide a solution to me and others who have the same problem with Spotify, or I will be contacting the Federal Government to use their influence to resolve this over-charging we are experiencing.


I would like to cancel all future withdrawal from my account and cancel my Spotfiy Account at this time. My email address

I'm having the same issues,  I have a free account but I'm being charged for Premium.  I tried to go onto my account settings to cancel the 9.99 fee per month and my account says free.  There is actually no way of cancelling and no customer service number.  This is a very frustrating process!  

Can you please cancel the premium account for username: feliciasmith87

I am being charged 9.99/month and I am on a free account.  I do not want to be on premium and there is nowhere on the account to cancel because my account is "free".


I would also like to be reimbursed the $9.99 for the last 4 months, as I've been trying to figure out how to cancel.  There isn't a support email or customer service phone number.  


Posting on the "community" cant be the only way to get a response, this is ludicrous!  


I'm so frustrated with Spotify.. Can someone please get back to me

Lotsa luck!

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