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Charged for premium on free trial


Charged for premium on free trial

I've been charged 9.99 when I cancelled well before the 30 days were up. After trying to find a number to call, I find that I can only contact through the contact forms. After doing more research, I've seen how poor Spotify is in getting back to people with these problems. So not only can I not call to get immediate results, I have to wait for Spotify at their convenience to give me my money back. Which could be a couple months and another  9.99 charge.


Yes, I filled out your form to get help, but I don't get how an organization can get away with not posting some kind of customer service number. Especially when they're wrongfully taking peoples money. I've read a lot of cases having this same problem just in the past couple weeks.


I was a happy Spotify user until this happened, and this really puts a bitter taste in my mouth.

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I have never tried the free trial and have been on free spotify for months now. I have been charged 9.99 and a 30$ over draft fee from my bank due to this being taken out i didnt not sign up for anything and i didnt not authorize a payment to be taken out! I have filled out a forum and have yet to hear anything. I would like my money back and i will be deactivating my spotify for good!

I am a high school student, so after I had put in my info for the Student deal, it asked me what college I go to. I had assumed it meant students in either college or high school. When I had checked my checkings account, I noticed that there was a charge of $5.40 ($4.99 plus tax) from Spotify. I thought it had been cancelled since I did not register as a college student, so I instead enrolled inn the $9.99 plan. Also, I checked Spotify subscribtions, and it had only said that I was under the $9.99 plan. Could you please take off the charge of $5.40, because I'm afraid I might be charged twice every month.

I forgot to mention that I never signed up with premium, so I should have a 30 free day trial (until November 5th)

Spotify has been charging my mastercard for last 7months, i do not an never have had the app , the company has no working number to contact them. At this time Spotify owes me $75.32, witch better be credited back to my card by the end of this date 10/11/2016.At no time did i authorize Spotify to use my account or provide them with my card information. I exspect immediate response.

I am having the same issue and can't find a number to call that doesn't have a recording. How on earth is one supposed to resolve wrongful charges with this company? Seems like a scam and totally dishonest when customers cannot get a hold of a representative. Unbelievable.

Hey Spotify, there's been taken 99 danish crowns from my account, even though i cancelled my premium account. I really dont have alot of money, so please look at my account and check! A boy i need.



I'm being charged 10.99 if I didn't purchase premium or anything from Spotify

I have the same issue just happened to me . I was charged on my account for some reason and I was not emailed a receipt with a confirmation of the charge. I know longer have access to my Spotify account therefore I cannot fill out a contact form. This is very unacceptable and unprofessional to charge customers who have not been prompted of charges.

I signed up for the free trial. I cancelled at the appropriate time & Spotify waited 3 months & has just recently started charging me $9.99. I just cancelled again. How do I get a refund & make sure this time my subscription is cancelled?

Same! I was charged for premium on free trial.

Yes same here!

I've got the same issue. i did the free month on the 18th of october and canceld it on the 15th of november and it charged me on the 21th of november



How do I get it for free please

We have had the same thing happen to us. This is a dispicable practice. My subscription tab says I am on Spotify FREE but I'm still being charged $9.99. I have called my bank and will be filing a dispute to have it removed. I have a case# from Spotify but I have no faith they will deliver.

I canceled my free trial and answered the questionaire and everything at the end. This morning I was chagred $9.99 and I checked my account and it now has me on a supsciption. I have contacted and used facebook because I want this figured out as soon as possible. I cant even find out how to delete my payment informaiton so Im not charged again.

i filled a dispute with them. my bank tried to get my money refunded to my
account an they denied me my money. i hope that my help them. Cause i
needed it myself.

i filled a dispute with them. my bank tried to get my money refunded to my
account an they denied me my money. i hope that my help them. Cause i
needed it myself.

I'm experiencing the very same thing!  I have a free account - that shows when I log into Spotify but every single month I have a $9.99 charge on my credit card.  I can't contact anyone on the phone.  I've written to support but the fact that it is so difficult to stop unauthorized payments is absolutely ridiculous.  Since you wrote their 4 weeks ago, I wonder if you were successful?  

I went directly to PayPal which is how I paid and made my concern through
there by reporting the charge.i was refunded a few hours later.

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