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Charged for premium on free trial


Charged for premium on free trial

I've been charged 9.99 when I cancelled well before the 30 days were up. After trying to find a number to call, I find that I can only contact through the contact forms. After doing more research, I've seen how poor Spotify is in getting back to people with these problems. So not only can I not call to get immediate results, I have to wait for Spotify at their convenience to give me my money back. Which could be a couple months and another  9.99 charge.


Yes, I filled out your form to get help, but I don't get how an organization can get away with not posting some kind of customer service number. Especially when they're wrongfully taking peoples money. I've read a lot of cases having this same problem just in the past couple weeks.


I was a happy Spotify user until this happened, and this really puts a bitter taste in my mouth.

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This problem is actually not solved just pushed to another form. Same has been happening to me and many others. STOP STEALING MONEY.

I elected for the 99 cents for 3 months free trial. Its only been one month and now yor charginging me (.99 whats on 7-9-17 up with that? my email is ph 7279001659


would you like to get a law suit going with me?

I'm super irritated about this. I called the number on my credit card statement and got a person with a thick accent in a loud call center and they wanted to charge me $4.95 in order to cancel my account. Now I feel like Spotify is a scam. I'll never use them again.

I want all my money back I can't contact no one if I don't get all my money back I will have a lawyer so let's not make it that bad

Pleas contact me at 61288990three2. I have suit started, more people willing to testify the better.

Okay so I had two acounts because I thought I could get student preimuim on my highschool email. The two acounts were under the email and The gmail acount was conected to facebook on acident and when I finally was finaciale able to purches premium I tried to do it on my student email. I found out that I couldnt get student preimuim because its a high school email and not a college. I was ok with this and bought it anyway. Then I closed my gmail spotify acount and still could not conect to face book. SO i canccled my payment and created an acount with my facebook and now you wont give me a free first month and it makes me very unhappy...

I need a phone number to call or I’m reaching out to the Attorney General to file a complaint. I’ve been charged since March after complaining once and being assured it was cancelled!!

I’m willing to sign the petition 

Yes, do any of you know the number any of us could call?

I willing to sign the petition

I need preemie on Spotfire I was being charged for for premium and I was getting commercials and advertisements it was stop my music for advertisement so so I cancel my subscription because that's all I was getting with advertisement and y'all charge my account on 9 5/2017 for $10 and some change I would like for you to return I would like for you to reimburse me for $10 and something 1079 something like that and I also went back to my subscription to reapply over again and it's still doing the same thing so I just put my credit card in and pay 999 for the subscription the renew the subscription I would like for you to reimburse me for that 995 that I just put my card in because it's still not working

**bleep** the same thing happened to me too


I remember as soon as I activated the free month I cancelled it but I've still been charged. Can you help me. I want my £10 back without premium

same here i was charged for having a 7 day free trial it seems spotify will charge you without your permission or knowledge until you get the bill

i signed up through a promotion through my mobile company. Now all of a sudden they are charging me, even though none of our phones have ever had premium! $30 a month at that. I'm livid. And of course my mobile company tells me i have to talk to spotify to get it rectified. Pretty hard to do when all you get is this damned form to fill out. 

What I can do for them to fix or stop charging me every month after I cancel the sprotify!!!

Why is not a phone number to contact sprotify!? So far I have been charging about 4 months now 

and I’m not able to use it without wifi!!:(

Please stop sending these emails it’s not me

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