Charged from GB instead of AUD and i got charged international fees on my credit card

Charged from GB instead of AUD and i got charged international fees on my credit card


hi, i've been charged monthly from Spotify AU, but this month i was charged by Spotify GB instead, and i got charged additional international fees. Just checking if there was a reason why this happened? 

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Mary - I have had this problem since mid year 2016. I have been requested Spotify to contact the bank 3 times each time I have and the answer is the same the bank is paying what the merchant requests. In this case the merchant is requesting the monies to be paid in Pounds and not AUS Dollar so the bank obliges but obviously has to charges a foreign transaction fee, bottom line is the merchant at fault not the bank. I feel as tho we are going in circles and the contract I agreed to when signing up was Spotify Aus membership fees not GB fees. Please address this issue with the importance and urgency it requires as the fees albeit minimal when added up over time it isn't so minimal. Please advise


anyways cya later spotify, going to apple music.. it's only $120 for a whole year so it's cheaper than spotify.. and they don't make silly excuses on why we're getting charged extra 50cents every month..


Yep, you have lost me too, will move to somewhere else as you make your lives more profitable by moving your accounts offshore i will do the same.


You are dancing around the law by moving you billing offshore, everyone now gets charged an international bank transaction.  Yep, its not you making money directly, but its costing everyone else more, 100% for your convenience.


Your attitude to your customers is disgraceful, so long!


Hi, I have the same problem since Oct 2016. I've been complaining to Spotify almost every month. Also, I already explain to them the bank won't charge conversion fee with no reason. The bank charged me because Spotify put my account under GB instead of AU. One of Spotify customer service even requested me to scan my credit card bill which I already did. STILL no reply and so solution even until today. So disappointed. 


I got a reply and they said

"  Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding a foreign transaction.

We understand your concern about a transaction that has appeared on your bank card with the payment tag GB, not to worry we can clear this up for you.

We normally route AUD transactions via our domestic acquiring partner, in the US. When, in very rare instances, they are not available, the transaction is routed via the European acquiring partner to ensure it is processed immediately.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get back to us."

All the best,


Spotify Customer Support

Its a joke as its not a rare occurrence its happening every month but that is their get out clause and they keep using it every time I get a response. I most prob wil cancel sub.

Nonsense, this is happening every month. I won't be signing up again until
you can guarantee I won't be charged the fees

Wow I was seriously considering signing up for Spotify but not now. Thanks I'll find another option.


This has started happening to me since last month (August 2020).


Hey there @rebel_s


Thank you for reaching out to us about this. 


As mentioned above it's your bank that's charging you the extra fee. 


We're working on fixing it so it doesn't happen in the future, but can't say right now when it will be implemented.


We hope this information was helpful.


We're always one reply away if you need us.



Mario Moderator
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Min not impressed! DON’T lie to your customers. I would seem after so long you systematically change your customers accounts to being charged in GBR. I would call that Australian tax avoidance! It’s kind of illegal, and sick of Australian customers paying more, getting less from international companies who pay no tax in Australia. Please rectify my account to be canaries in Australia. I want my own people to benefit, not English. I have always paid through PayPal, from 2017. The change came in October of 2019 when you started charging through GBR, not Australia. DO NOT BLAME OUR BANKS. They only charge for international purchases.

Mario tell your company to stop rerouting payments to different country to avoid paying Australian taxes. The bank charges international fees as you are committing Australian tax fraud. It would appear you start every Australian out as Australian billing and systematically change after certain time hoping they will not notice. I will be contacting the AUSTRALIAN TAX OFFICE ain’t the morning.


Hey everyone,


We understand your frustration about the additional charges, however, we are an international company and payments can be processed outside of your country of residence.


This is why the payment method has to be authorized for foreign transactions, to make sure payments can be processed successfully. The process is automated and we have no manual control over it or over any taxes banks charge for foreign transactions. We can reassure you that we pay all applicable regional taxes and you can always check the VAT% on your receipts.


We can confirm that our payments team has looked into this and the extra charges are issued by the banks when paying through PayPal.


As mentioned before, we are working on a long term fix. For now, you could try a different payment method, if possible, and pay by credit card instead, which will be processed locally.


We hope you'll find this clarification useful and we’ll be here for you if there's anything else you'd like to ask.

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My bank states, that since GB leaved EU, they started to charge that fees. Because Spotify centers payments from other countries in the UK, and due to the UK leaving the EU, all banks will now charge this commission. 

I hope to see a solution to the problem as soon as possible. 

See my latest post, about my finding's. Seems that Spotify moderator´s were right all along.




If it's true that it has to do with payments via PayPal, I hope that changing the means of payment really helps. (and helped indeed)

But one of the reasons for PayPal use is not having to disclose a credit card data everywhere. 

Subscriptions using PayPal to other streaming services do not have these fees to be charged by banks, yet, maybe because they are made in Euro.

However, recently, I made some transactions on Ebay, outside EU, using the credit card via PayPal, and I was equally charged with that fee.

Its better try to pay, for now, whitout using credit card via PayPal.


See my lastest post with more info.


It’s probably not a good idea to lie to “everyone”... You don’t pay all the applicable taxes you should in Australia, that I know for sure. The ATO will be happy to take your call, when you wish to stop defrauding the Australian tax payer. You pay your company tax in Ireland, (when you have an office in Sydney),as it’s the lowest percentage, when you should be paying in every single country you take money from. You are thieves, criminals!


Hi again,


I just found out that banks, here in Portugal, are charging such an international transaction fee if transactions are made in a currency different from that of our country. This transaction fee is directly associated with the credit card used through Paypal.
In my case, as I live in a country within the European Union, the currency is the Euro. I recently made some purchases on Ebay, from a country outside the EU, and 3% commissions were charged on the value of the transaction, plus stamp duty.
So, the advice that the moderator gave, about paying the subscriptions directly to Spotify with the credit card, was well advised.
I realize that, after all, the fault may lie with PayPal, that they should make the transaction in my currency. Also, as said by the moderator, Spotify is trying to resolve the issue with Paypal.
From what I see, nowadays, financial institutions try to invent more and more commissions and fees, in order to obtain more and more profits.
Having said all that, and hoping that I am not being cheated again by banks or others, I come to say that my confidence in Spotify is restored.


Best regards,

Nope, it’s Spotify choosing to not have local accounts in the country they service to avoid tax, it’s that simple. The banks and PayPal all charge international transaction fees across currencies.

Your faith in Spotify looking after no one but themselves in getting through tax loopholes is the only thing you should be assured with here



Maybe you're right and I'm wrong, but as suggested by Spotify, I risked and paid a subscription directly to Spotify with a credit card and no one charged any fee, neither the bank nor Spotify. 

If you think I'm wrong, you can be sure I'm not. 

Perhaps I did not explain myself well, but my previous post was to give the point that at least here in Portugal, the conditions of use of credit card, presuppose such a commission if the transaction is made outside the euro zone.

I left my opinion and what I learned about it. 

Read well what I wrote, direct credit card payment to Spotify, Neither Spotify nor the bank charge any fees, and that means the transaction was made in the euro and the euro zone. In addition to the use of the same card through PayPal, is having fees charged on other transactions, with China for example, something that did not happen before. Read the most recent contract for your card. I did that and I knew why.

That's why I'm saying PayPal, it must be to blame, at least in some transactions. 

I'll finish here one more time and I hope I've made myself understood. What happens in other countries, I can't say anything. What I'm telling you about what's happening in Portugal. 

Greetings to all

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