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Charged prematurely

Charged prematurely

The website said I was going to be charged again on 5/5/2013, I was going to cancel on 5/3/2013 to avoid another charge as I cannot afford this service anymore. I was charged the subscription price of 9.99 today on 5/2/2013. I need to have this charge refunded, as it was not made when it was supposed to be. Please have this done as soon as possible, as I will soon be charged an overdraft.

This website doesn't have a number to call for some reason.


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This has been consequetively for months, probably for the exact reason I posted above. Looking at the new forcasted charge date, it says 6/6/2013, and I imagine they'd charge that on 6/3/2013. 



I've had a good run on this service, and I imagine that I will return to it if this refund is made. I'd hate to leave this service with a bad experience like this.

Hey there cymb! Welcome to the Spotify Community.


I sincerely apologize you're not in agreement with the method that is used to make sure you don't lose access to an awesome service. I actually just wrote about this in another topic so if you don't mind, I'll share with you why Spotify probably does what it does in terms of billing...


- begin quote -


While I understand that the website may say it will bill you one day, it may be necessary for the service to perform the transaction a few days before it's supposed to happen. This is so that you're experiencing the Spotify Premium/Unlimited service at optimal levels. This is actually common practice for some businesses to insure that there are no issues with your account. If they charge a few days earlier and there are issues with the card, they can get a hold of you before your Spotify Premium service is interrupted for good.


So truly, I do apologize you're experiencing these issues but please know that it isn't just to take your money. It's a sincere effort to make sure you don't experience service cut-off unexpectedly.


- end quote -


If you'd still like a refund, you can try reaching out to the Spotify Team via this online contact form. If you get an automatically generated message, please respond to it so that someone from the Spotify Team can get connected to your case and expedite your query.

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