Charged, then cancelled

Charged, then cancelled

my subscription was set to renew today (03-03-17) and it did, charging ~11USD. i had planned to cancel before then but forgot. when i saw the charge in my paypal summary, i cancelled the subscription right away, and i haven't used spotify at all this month yet. can i get refunded for the march subscription charge? it seems silly that i'd pay $10.81 for a whole month of premium features that i now don't have, especially since it was renewed + cancelled on the same day..

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Hi @dvdexe. Refunds are issued on a strict case-by-case basis, and as such, I unfortunately cannot provide any guarantees or assurances that your case will qualify for one. While I can certainly understand the frustration of forgetting to cancel and ending up with something you won't use, I must caution you that, again, there are no guarantees. 


My personal recommendation would be to try and make the most out of the month of premium you have, but I understand that that may not be practical. The option does exist to reach out to support and explain your situation to them. If you would like, support can be reached through the online contact form. I stress again, there are no guarantees, but contacting support will be the only way of possibly receiving a refund.


Best of luck, and please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Cheers!

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