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Charged twice for resubscribing and then unsubscribing. ACTION PLEASE.

Charged twice for resubscribing and then unsubscribing. ACTION PLEASE.

Look. I posted about this yesterday. I sent emails, I posted on the forums, I WOULD call but there's no number for me TO call to get my money back.


You guys took $20 of my money for me UNSUBSCRIBING from your service. I just want it back. NOW.


I had to rush and put that money in my account to ensure that I wouldn't dip below my balance and get charged fees for this mistake. A mistake that NEEDS to be corrected.


Someone was SUPPOSED to get back to me yesterday. I haven't gotten ANY emails other than the "automatically generated do-not-reply to this okay thanks!" emails.


I want my money back. Now.


I've escalated this with Paypal and my next step is going to my bank and contesting this as fraud. I suggest someone gets back to me. I'm so sick and tired of this already and I can assure you I won't be re-subscribing if this is the way you guys handle problems.

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Also: I'm not trying to be mean or nasty, I honestly I just want this corrected.


I feel its unfair to me as a customer that I'm not getting the attention that I should for a mistake like this. I UNSUBSCRIBED and was charged.


I was going to re-subscribe, but after all this I'm worried that you guys will continue double charging me. And I can't afford that.


Sorry but we can't really deal with that on the forum. Please contact spotify here: Click Me

This is because this is to do with payments.


I know it can be frustrating, but I will escalate this to a member of Spotify community staff for them to escalate.



AshleyJoy - I'm getting back to your query now.

It looks as if the subscription was cancelled, then you were resubscribed a few days after. This will not have been done automatically.

Anyway, I'll include all the details in the email.

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