Charged twice per month


Re: How to get a hold of spotify customer service

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Hi @Dj_JoK3r-1 Welcome to the community


It looks like your client is crashing. Have you tried doing a full reinstallation of the app (including removing your cache)?


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Re: How to get a hold of spotify customer service


I've tried to contact them as they are charning me premium but i only recieve free and they have not replioed 

Re: How to get a hold of spotify customer service


It has been extremely dificult to figure out this website. Its like everything is hidden. My account wont let me upgrade to anything because in the payment summary before you click "accept payment" there is no box to enter my password, and because there is no box to enter it into, when i click "accept payment" it tells me I can't because "my password is invalid" I cant find any hotline to contact anybody and there is no "about us" that i can click on or even see on the website to find your contact form. Its not supposed to be so hard to give you guys my money!

Re: How to get a hold of spotify customer service

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@livkarol - Reply to the automated confirmation email you get when you open a case and that will bump your email over to an adviser who can take a look.

@jctaylor153 - Is it possible to try using a different browser?

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Re: How to get a hold of spotify customer service




I would like to deactivate my facebook account and continue to use Spotify, but unfortunately that is not an option in the account settings as far as I see.  


I thought to cancel my account and then I would create a new one not connected to facebook in any way.  Unfortunately, this has also been met with errors and frustration.  Everytime I would get to the verify through facebook page it would say there was an error and send me back two steps.


I have entered a contact form, but again, the email address listed as my facebook email is not correct and it is one that has not been used on my facebook account for sometime.


Please advise me as to what needs to be done. 


Quite honestly this entire process has been frustrating.  If spotify would offer some sort of customer service phone number that would make this entire process a breeze.  It's honestly quite a hassle when someone, which is already frustrated with the service, has to jump through the hoops that they do in order to get a probelm solved.


Thank you for your help in advance.


Re: Charged twice per month


If you're seeing two charges from Spotify on your account it could be for a number of reasons.


First, check with your family or friends to make sure someone you know didn’t subscribe with your details. 


There are a few reasons why you might see two charges in one month: 

  • Are the charges on two different days? Then you're probably paying for more than one account. We’d recommend checking our support site to learn how to find and cancel any other accounts.

  • The payment was unsuccessful, but appeared on your statement anyway. If we’re unable to process the payment, the funds will reappear on your statement soon. This is all part of your bank/credit card’s authorization process. You can reach out to them for more information. You may see multiple charges like this if you tried the payment multiple times.

  • If you’ve recently upgraded from Premium to Premium for Family your renewal date may come earlier than usual, possibly in the same month as your previous payment. This is because of the price difference between the two subscriptions. You can check your Premium renewal date on your Subscription Page.


  • If you think your details have been used without authorization, please read this FAQ.


We hope this helps!

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