Charged twice per month

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Re: How to get a hold of spotify customer service




I would like to deactivate my facebook account and continue to use Spotify, but unfortunately that is not an option in the account settings as far as I see.  


I thought to cancel my account and then I would create a new one not connected to facebook in any way.  Unfortunately, this has also been met with errors and frustration.  Everytime I would get to the verify through facebook page it would say there was an error and send me back two steps.


I have entered a contact form, but again, the email address listed as my facebook email is not correct and it is one that has not been used on my facebook account for sometime.


Please advise me as to what needs to be done. 


Quite honestly this entire process has been frustrating.  If spotify would offer some sort of customer service phone number that would make this entire process a breeze.  It's honestly quite a hassle when someone, which is already frustrated with the service, has to jump through the hoops that they do in order to get a probelm solved.


Thank you for your help in advance.

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Re: Charged twice per month

Community Manager
Community Manager


If you've been charged twice this month there are two different things could be happening here:

1. You have two accounts and you've upgraded them both. 

2. You hit the 'upgrade' button more than once when upgrading. This means all payments went to the same account. 


If #2 the payments will be going out on the same day. You will be reimbursed for the double payment on your account. When you go to your subscription page you'll find your next payment date is a couple months away.



If the payments have gone out on different days, and your payment is one month away in your subscription page, then it's scenario #1. Please get in touch with us via the contact form .